Monday, March 14, 2005

Gluttons for our Doom

Looks like the only thing between a determined 200lb rapist and a shot up courtroom was a 51 year old grandmother. From Atlanta courthouse shootings:
Fulton County, like almost every (if not every) jurisdiction, has watered down its strength requirements for police and firefighters for fear that they would be considered discriminatory towards women because of the disparate impact of those requirements. Once a plaintiff shows that job qualifications have a disparate impact, the burden falls on the employer to prove that the requirements are bona fide and that no other selection mechanisms can be substituted, regardless of discriminatory intent. San Francisco formerly asked fire recruits to carry a 150-pound sack up a flight of stairs and now lets them drag a 40-pound sack across a smooth floor.
Are people too clueless to realize that these positions (much like the military) are about life and death, and not about making someone feel good about oneself?

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