Monday, March 21, 2005

Brazil Nuts

From Slashdot MIT Urges Brazilian Government to Use Linux:
MIT's Media Lab has written to the Brazilian government (who is looking into a method to get its citizens cheap, high quality PCs) and has urged them to use Linux. From the article: 'Free software is far better on the dimensions of cost, power and quality...if the source code is proprietary, it is hidden from the general population. This robs them of a tremendous source for learning.'
My company used to have a Brazilian branch and at one point the plant manager needed a laptop. He purchased one in the States because, due to import duties, it was way cheaper to buy it here (i.e. Cleveland). His fear, of course, was that he would get caught bringing it back into Brazil, which is what happened. The rub? It was still cheaper after the fine than purchasing a system domestically.

So here's a suggestion you brilliant egg heads at MIT can pass along to the Brazilian government: lower your friggin' import duties so that your people can buy something decent!

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