Monday, March 28, 2005

Blog Watchin'

Several months ago, in response to this post, Dr. Degenaro requested that I no longer post comments on his site. Well, he actually said this:
I appreciate the thoughtful comments, but in the future please do not leave comments on my blog. While I enjoy reading what you have to say there, family members of mine also read my blog who happen to be Muslim. I fear they'll link up to your own posts and, frankly, they've got plenty of other opportunities to hear anti-Muslim sentiment: from the media, from popular culture, from "morals"-loving "ordinary men," from the tyrannical and fascistic embarrassments of "leaders" (urging us to join their "crusade") we're stuck with, etc, etc. Like I said, I myself enjoy the exchange, but I don't want to put them through reading such garbage. Thanks very much.[emphasis mine]
I'm not going to get into my relationship with the good Doctor, but I still like the guy. I just tend to think he's a little misguided. Although I was rather hurt at the time, I justified his response on the fact that American liberals are generally less civil. As someone who related to me stories of being spat upon by pro-choicers, I'm sure Dr. Degenaro is well familiar with the type of characters that tend to hang out on that side of the aisle. So being the good sport, I kept a link up, but I never read his site because, despite his consternations to the contrary ("A conversation between two individuals of differing opinions opens up possibilities for a free exchange of ideas, for mutual understanding, and perhaps even for finding common ground. "), he wished his dialog to be a one way street.

Of course I'd be lying if I didn't say it had pained me since. Everyone on my blogroll has one thing in common: I like to read their blog. That's why it's so short, I only put up blogs I read. I could care less if those blogs link back as they're already doing a good enough job. Of course Dr. Degenaro's page is the exception. During the election he linked to a page that brought up the 'Jewish conspiracy in the media' and here recently he's put up a post where he equates the effort to get a legitimate government elected in Nicaragua with the disgusting efforts to implement a communist regime run by a known child rapist. He's right, there's no common ground with that kind of baloney, so I'll be putting something else on my sidebar. Apologies to whoever links through to his site from mine, you'll have to get to it through your bookmark. In his stead, I'll be putting in a bookmark to a blog run by a researcher in Costa Rica, fascinating.

Moving on, I've really enjoyed the posts from the woman who runs her Trapped in Japan blog, but the thing hasn't been updated for two months. I'd drop her an e-mail, but it's not like I know her on even a casual basis; but I hope all is right! Alternatively, Greggman updates his blog like, at least once a month and I always seem to forget checking it, so I'll be switching those two around for now.

Lastly, I failed to note that Mr. Kendall has moved his blog and has been doing regular updates, despite the fact that he has way better things he SHOULD BE DOING! Check out his post on how the left has it in for the freedom of speech, interesting stuff.

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