Friday, February 04, 2005

Screw Job

I've always thought the pricing on anime in the States was criminal. $30 for one disk with three half hour episodes and no extras? Add to that, that the Japanese love to buttress their episodic anime with minute and half worth of credit filler at the beginning and end; and of course TV has to cram nearly ten minutes worth of commercials in and you're left with about an hour's worth of material on a $30 disk. Even the outrageous pricing that Paramount does with it's Star Trek products doesn't match this level of chutzpah. It is all the more unfavorable when you go into the store and you realize you can pick up whole seasons of Futurama or The Simpsons for not much more than a handful of anime episodes!

I was looking forward to checking out anime prices in Japan, figuring that the inflated Stateside cost was a result of repackaging, rewriting, multiple dialog tracks, etc. Boy did I get a kick in the teeth when I found that the stuff was being sold for TWICE the amount that it is in the States!

Madlax says: "You can pay a dollar a minute to watch me run around in my hot pants and shoot people, or you can save some money and call a porno line."

Ah, but what do the Simpsons sell for in Japan? Amazon Japan has a whole season listed at around $83, a bit stiff if you're used to paying $40 (or less) in the States, but still a steal if you're used to getting soaked for more than $100 for a season of anime from Blockbluster.

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Jill said...

I dont get all the hype about anime....what's all the excitement about. Me..I prefer the ole bugs bunny toons. ;)