Friday, February 11, 2005

Mr. Cheeks the Frenchman

Probably no one reading this has ever seen the Ultimate Muscle cartoon (except for my one brother who I forced to sit through my DVD), and I must say you're missing out on life. Like many Saturday morning cartoons, it is coproduced in Japan and the States in order to mitigate the high costs of making animation. Unlike many other series (Yu-Gi-Oh, etc.) the scripts for the American variation of the show were obviously written from the ground up in the States. The show was rife with puns, cultural jabs, and double entendres (the lead character is named "Kid Muscle" and his trainer's name is 'Meat'). It is also full of male adolescent humor as well, so it's a show with something for everyone ;)

One of the more memorable bits in the show was an appearance of a character named Monsieur Cheeks. And before you come to any conclusions, he's exactly what you think he is:

There were two solid episodes which burned through every word or phrase that in any way meant 'butt'. I'd love to have them on DVD, but it looks like Fox has lost interest in pushing out DVDs of the show.

Anyway, for anyone (like me) who has the Gamecube game of Ultimate Muscle, although Mr. Cheeks isn't playable (which is a shame since is super move is...well...), he does make a cameo in the audience of a stadium match.

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