Saturday, February 26, 2005

Lazy IT Bank People

From A New Cyber-Security Breach:
The U.S. official said that federal law enforcement is investigating the loss of several Bank of America data backup tapes that were being transferred across country by air when they disappeared in December. "We are proactively sending letters to [at least 1.2 million] impacted cardholders," said Alexandra Trower, spokesperson for Charlotte-based Bank of America.

And these tapes weren't encrypted why? Whenever I see a story like this, I figure there's an IT guy behind the story who is going to be in the unemployment office the next day. For a stupid screwup like this, the CIO should get canned. I work at a facility where I can get away without encrypting the tapes (though it's only a checkbox away from doing so) because the costs to acquire the hardware and software to retrieve the data outwiegh the benifits from doing so; a bank should know better. This reminded me of a couple stories last year about virus infections at some major banks. No excuses for something like that, some stupid IT person should get the boot!

More IT winners here.

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