Friday, February 25, 2005

Have I mentioned that I hate M$

I've been busy busy busy. It looks like I talked my boss into making me get certified on the Microsoft database product, and since it would be just a few tests away, I'm going to shoot for updating my MCSE to Windows 2003. I'm dreading this pretty good; after about the twentieth time you cram your head full of crap to puke back up on a certification exam (and then promptly forget), your brain is like "couldn't I have been a garbage man or something, this sucks".

Well almost nothing in my job sucks worse than developing the omnibus licensing package for Microsoft products. This has to be done once every two or three years and it consists of patching together the right combination of twenty different products within a half a dozen purchasing options from Microsoft. This is roughly the equivalent (and is every bit as exciting) of going into Walmart to buy toilet paper and having to buy 20 different types of toilet paper that go bad within a year (maybe) at different subscription levels to have it delivered to your house. I've never had a less pleasing brain cramp than trying to figure that stuff out, and apparently M$ has caught onto this and now has not one, but three certification exams at a $100 a pop on how do to licensing for their products. UNBELIEVABLY THRILLING!

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