Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Glad he cleared that up!

A DeWayne (DeSandmich?) Wickman over at USAToday has taken it upon himself to resolve some myths about the civil war. How about a little fisking?
Relegating the celebration [of black history] to the shortest month of the year gives short shrift to the many contributions blacks have made to this nation.
Good golly, not that bildge again! How does that even count as a thoughtful aside? I was waiting for him to start talking about how pool is a racist game, while bowling is his favorite. (Like his aside, the joke is too tired to flesh out here).
Myth No. 1: Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves.
Oh geez. I guess the South seceeded once Lincoln was elected because the didn't like his choice in hats! After some left wing bilge that only the likes of Jefferson Davis would find acceptable, he wraps up his 'argument':
Slavery was actually ended on Dec. 18, 1865 - eight months after Lincoln's assassination, when the Constitution's 13th Amendment was ratified.
Five years after Lincoln was first elected, slavery was ended, it's just a HUGE COINCIDENCE! How about myth number two?
Myth No.2:The Civil War was fought over states' rights, not slavery.
It makes you wonder why all those black soldiers in the Union were fighting for "states rights" and not their freedom! Give me a break, what was the 'state right' that was worth dying over by the thousands a day? Forestry management? Interstate road maintenance? C'mon DeWayne, sit on that egg for a month or two it'll come to you!

Too many latter day liberals perpetuate these myths in, what I can only believe is, an effort to remove any credit white America might get for ending slavery. Of course in the process, they denigrate the heroic efforts of American Blacks during that time period. Also in this train of thought, the South is given a pass; after all, if the North was doing nothing to help free the slaves, then the South wasn't fighting to keep blacks enslaved.

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