Thursday, February 03, 2005

Apple computing

From Opinions from PC Magazine: Rethinking the Small Form Factor:
If indeed the market for small PCs skyrockets, you then have to ask yourself, 'Why the heck does Apple have to be the company that once again lights the fuse?' How humiliating.
Apple has been a company I’ve had a problem getting my hands around for the longest time. They don’t dominate any particular market segment they’re in (by all rights, they shouldn't even exist) but everyone licks their boots when it comes to designing products. Remember E-Machines copying the old iMac? And everyone already knows we would be using DOS web browsers were it not for the Mac GUI.

One can easily make the case that they dominate the portable digital audio market, but they don't dominate, and aren't a major player, in the audio electronics arena. By all rights, Sony should have been schooling Apple and everyone else on how to build those things. (Of course Sony has its head so far up its arse when it comes to digital rights management that it's amazing they even sell a digital audio product...of sorts).

If I were a CEO at Micro$oft, Sony, or Dell, I would be deeply upset at what my R&D dollars are buying me: "Don't you idiots I already pay for, know how to design anything?!?"

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