Monday, February 21, 2005

Anime a go-go

Jill states:
I dont get all the hype about anime....what's all the excitement about. Me..I prefer the ole bugs bunny toons. ;)
I was going to put up a quick comment before I realized this point really deserves it's own post. Anime fanboys (and fangirls...fanpersons? screw all that) generally fall into the following categories:
  1. Kids. Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon are rarely considered real anime by any anime fan, but if you go to the anime section at Suncoast, it's there.
  2. Japanese fanboys. These are people who have a fascination with Japanese culture and all things in it. These types are extremely unreliable when it comes to spotting bad anime, and are usually the first to offer their opinion on which one's they like. Although I have one foot firmly in this category, if I get an anime suggestion from a fan boy, that tells me it's probably unwatchable crap.
  3. ADD Junkies. These types usually love anime as a form more than anything else. For them the pleasure is in watching lots of pretty colors moving around. I can say that I have one foot firmly in this group as well. Members of this group can also be separated by the fact that they are junkies for ALL animation. I have Warner Brothers, Pixar, Disney, The Simpsons and Futurama DVDs in addition to my inextensible anime collection.
  4. Eurotrash. I went to watch Spirited Away at a local theater a couple years back. I was expecting families and the aforementioned 'Japanese fanboys', but instead it was full of Michael Moore lovin', goatee wearin' Eurotrash. These types have no love for the anime form apart from the fact that it isn't American.
  5. Perverts. Yeah, I wish it wasn't so. It's not unusual for me to tell someone who is vaguely unaware of anime that I like Japanese animation, and their first response be "oh, that tentacle porn stuff...". If you don't know what I'm talking about, then you probably don't want to know (Do an unsafe Google image search for the word 'tentacle'. A hint: your first hits will have nothing to do with octopuses). This genre, for all that some might find appealing, brings down the already shaky reputation of anime fans.

Writing this article up reminded of the geek hierarchy chart over at the now defunct Brunching Shuttlecocks. For anyone who feels themselves in any way geeky, this is worth checking out.

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