Friday, January 21, 2005

The S.S. Sinkable

I swear, if I here one more idiotic comment on Social Security I'm gonna scream. It would be one thing if everyone was arguing from the same information, but a certain segment (George Will included) seem to be living in the FDR dreamland where the government paper doth not lie. So for every idiot out there who has any delusions as to what this is really about, I, The Evil Sandmich, kindly will fill you in:

Delusion 1: The problem isn't the funding for Social Security, the problem is too much federal spending.
Spoiler: About when I retire, two workers will be supporting 1 retiree. On what planet is this viable? How many benefits can I expect? Will the taxes required on those two poor workers kill the economy? (Ans: None, None, Yes).

Delusion 2: The trust fund will save us all!
Spoiler: Despite those mailings from SS telling you how much (pretend) money you have saved up, that money has been spent. Sure the government can track the monies paid toward SS, but that money goes into the same pot as all the other money the government takes in; it actually wouldn't make sense any other way. Riddle me this, what would the government do if it didn't spend the money? Buy treasury bonds so the government can pay itself interest on it's own money?(!?!) Run a corrupt pension plan? Stuff it somewhere so that inflation can eat it? C'mon, throw me bone here! These idiots, some who are well educated, who say the program won't go out until 2042 are just blowing smoke your ass. Here's how it works for the 500th time: government gets money->government writes IOU to SS->government spends money->when government needs to pay off IOUs, it's time to raise taxes. When does "government need to pay off IOUs"? 2018, end of story.

I'm still wondering why anyone would think this is a good idea in any form anyway. What on earth makes the government competent enough to run a retirement fund? Logically, if the government ran a good plan, it would make sense to put more of your paycheck into it. Who wants to sign up?

These people who want to keep this bloatfest around are basically saying "F-U Sandmich, I got mine, and I'll be dead by the time you find out you're not getting jack!".

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