Monday, January 31, 2005

Sandmich Blogging #2

Oh to have a real blog and not this unmodifiable Blogger POS. I had, of course, given up on a real blog when I determined that I didn't feel like babysitting bandwidth and maintaining the hardware and software required to run it. I also didn't feel like paying someone a chunk a change every year to maintain those things for me because I'm liable to have to take time off at a moments notice.

As it is, I'm boned anyway since I had another cheap-o Chinese hard drive die in my system that I do most of my bloggin' from. That's the third in four years for those that are counting. I have a newer system, but the less said about the god-awful Intel chipset it uses the better; that was the LAST homebrew system I'll ever put together.

On top of that, my job that's usually slow enough to justify some blog posts has picked up and I've had to do like, real work! Of course real work here isn't like Egyptian pyramid slavery where you're part of building something great which will be admired for ages. It's more like being a rower on a garbage scowl where each thrust of the oars brings you closer to a huge pile of crap.

On the plus side, I almost have sufficient resources to dive into my next hobby. This is not to infer that I'm a fountain of talent (see dancing 'sandmiches' above). My hope is that practice will make perfect.

In the meantime, check out the slick games made with the Torque engine over at Garage Games, I may be there myself some year!

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