Friday, January 21, 2005

Pet Store Munchies

Yeah, this story about the kid who cooked two animals from Pet Supplies Plus for his home ec class is old news at this point, but I can't resist!
...where killing - and then eating - wild game is fairly common.

The hunt, however, usually doesn't take place at Pet Supplies Plus.
The boy went to the Chardon store and purchased the Guinea pig and rabbit after coming up empty in the great outdoors.
'My skin's crawling over this,' said Linda Schempp, a spokeswoman for the pet store chain. 'We sell our animals to be family pets - not food.'
Maybe Ms. Schempp could describe the difference between her rabbits and the skinned and gutted ones they sell down the road from me at the West Side Market.
The student told Gage that he butchered the animals at home before bringing them to school and placing them in the class refrigerator Wednesday. His living skills teacher, Diana Stevens, sets aside that day for her students to prepare a meal of their choice, Gage said.
The boy had asked Stevens if he could catch and cook a wild rabbit.
Here's a quick tip: wild animals are petri dishes for every known type of parasite and virus known to nature, whereas your average pet store bunny is (comparatively) nothing but clean, tender goodness. If the teacher knew anything, she would've insisted on fresh pet store viddles!

As for the guinea pig, I think the Peruvians know how to do them up right. From the BBC:
Spanish colonial paintings of the Last Supper in the old Inca capital of Cusco even show Christ and his apostles feasting on some roasted cuy [guinea pig].
If it's good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me!
I think I feel a trip to the pet store coming on.....

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