Friday, January 21, 2005

Musical Huh?

(Update 1/24/05: Mr. Kendall informs me that the porn star turned music 'artist' that I was thinking of was Samantha Fox)

Who knew Traci Lords put out an album? Who knew she was from Steubenville, Ohio? I thought she was British for some reason. More here(unsurprisingly, the link is not safe for work, and don't point out the irony that this post was written during working hours).

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So what's it sound like? Well Mr. Kendall will be grateful to learn that I now have something that goes good with my Lords of Acid disk for our next Cincinnati road trip!

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Quick quiz, there was a different version of that album cover when it was released in Japan, was it more, or less graphic? Click here for the answer. (If you guess correctly, you'll know whether or not to open at work/in front of mixed company).


SweetPs_Keeper said...

If ya belive it I have the Lords of Acid cd with the original cover(stole it from an ex...shhhhh)...geeze it's like over ten years old isn't it?

Evil Sandmich said...

You're making me feel old, quit it ;)