Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Goldberg on the odious UN

The love of the U.N. has always been something that I can't get my hands around. It would seem that the best someone might say of the place is that "it's better than nothing, and barely at that." I, of course, wouldn't even go that far. Jonah Goldberg touches on one of the many reasons:
This is why I find it so infuriating when people talk about how the 'nations of the world' voted on this or that in some U.N. resolution. No they didn't. Some nations voted through their representatives, other nations had one criminal cabal or another vote in their name. And if you believe - as so many opponents of the Iraq war did - that barbaric dictators are legitimate rulers because international law says so, then international law upholds the logic of the Fuehrer.
In my mind, it's one thing to find the U.N tolerable, quite another to think of it as a great instituion like many "New World Order" types do.

Update: More here.

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