Sunday, January 02, 2005

Game Jingle

You know you're bad when you recognize the Japanese artist that sings the song for a video game commercial. I would say I'm not so bad since I didn't recognize the song, but I was one Christmas present away from knowing that as well. As a little history, I'd come by some Utada bootleg videos a couple years back by chance. I thought I was 'culty' in having this pool of videos from what I thought was one of the many, mostly obscure, J-Pop artists. I kinda forgot about the boots, but then I thought to ask my buddy, who has a ton of J-Pop MP3s by way of his Japanese wife, if he happened to have any of her tunes. He congratulated me on finding an artist so obscure that she's one of the most popular artists in Japan.

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Of course, one can debate the meaning of 'artist' when it comes to J-pop. Most of it is so manufactured that purists would be loathe to admit it's even music. Of course since I love overly engineered dance music, I'm more than willing to give it a pass.

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