Friday, January 21, 2005


I've had this link hanging around on my desktop for a while and I better post it here before I nuke it. I found this page in my journeys over the net and I am amazed at the lack of pride the proud papa of this site displays. I can here his train of thought (or lack there of): "Why honey, this is such a magical moment that I'm going to put pics of doctors TEARING OUT YOUR GUTS during a c-section!"

I'm sure we all know the type - the overly excited, picture happy, make you sick, obsessive freak. The type of guy for whom sympathizing with his wife isn't enough, he has to empathize. After a certain point it stops being sweet and starts becoming weirdly obsessive and mildly, well, gay.

He also has pictures from his daughter's birth on the site, I'm surprised he didn't shove the camera up his poor wife's birth canal so that he could create an animated gif of all the action!

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