Monday, January 10, 2005

Choosing the correct ally

Interesting. From Opinion Journal:

Furthermore, of the wars being fought in Africa and Asia and the Middle East today, nearly all involve Muslims committed to terrorism. As one Muslim journalist wrote this past year: "It is certainly true that not all Muslims are terrorists, however, sadly we say that the majority of terrorists in the world are Muslims.
Ah, but there's more...

Why, they [the Muslim generals] went on, did Osama bin Laden choose the methods of Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin? Why not the International Declaration of Human Rights? Why the worst of modernity, not the best?
Why? Well OBL is shooting for as much (if not more so) a political objective as a religious one. If there was a better method that he could undertake to become Caliph apart from Islam, he would no doubt use that instead. Too many Muslims have let lunatics trying to achieve a political end hijack their faith. Of course it doesn't help that the Western Left has a secret love for the kooks as well. I can well guess which Muslim the lefties have sympathies for in this bit (still from Opinion Journal):

The AP photograph of a killer in Baghdad shooting a pistol into the head of one kneeling election worker--while another lies crumpled on the street--illuminates the face of our enemy. It is the face of Muslim fascists murdering Muslim liberals.

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Where are the lefties that are supposedly so concerned about Muslims and liberalism in stories like this? Why, they're writing up crap about we should abandon the liberal Muslim to the animals of the former regime and the tools of the local oppressive governments. How about a little bit more, this speaks for itself, from the NY Post:

Last week, I had an inspiring conversation with a Muslim-American. An immigrant from Pakistan, he hadn't yet been granted citizenship, but he had more faith in America than our native-born elite does.

"I write to my brothers and sisters," he said, "And I tell them that they do not know true Islam. If you want to see true Islam, you must come to America."

He meant the social justice and the respect for the individual, rich or poor, prescribed by the Koran. He had not found those qualities in the land of his birth. Nor do they prevail in any Muslim state between Casablanca and Karachi.

Islam sets high standards for the daily behavior of its adherents, but all too often the Koran's calls for fairness, charity and common decency are rejected in favor of social strictures misinterpreted by bitter old men and fanatics. The oppression of women, terrorism and the police states of the Middle East were not part of the Prophet Mohammed's vision.

I'll come out now and say that ol' Mohammed isn't exactly referred to favorably in many communities; but if he were to come back and see the current state of behavior of many adherents, he would be hard pressed to believe that they were doing a bang up job of keeping the faith.

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