Monday, January 17, 2005

Birthday Boy

The HR lady makes stuff for employees when it's their birthday and she whipped up some brownies:

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Brownies by themselves I can resist, but brownies with walnuts are gut magnets to me.
Also, I brought my first lunch in which was largely based off the bento cookbook my sister got me for Christmas:

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And then on top of that, Launchcast had a rare repeat in the same day when it played Tear For Fears "Shout" in the morning and afternoon (though their system counted it as two different tracks since it was pulled off two different albums).

My wife is also spoiling me rotten by making me lasagna for dinner (I'm a glutton for Italian flavored starches!), as well as the only cake I find consistently edible: German chocolate!

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TrappedinJapan said...

Happy Birthday- I hope you had a good one. Sounds like you did. Wow- a bento cookbook. Yikes!! I avoid the things like the plague (maybe that's why I have to join the gym to lose weight though.) Nothing quite like the squishy mush of cold rice in your mouth. That said- yours looked great. You should be proud. Be careful not to get carried away and spend hours making the perfect bento though like some Japanese housewives. Try not to lose control...