Friday, January 14, 2005

'24's' Latest Plot Twist Pains Some Muslims

I really want to like '24'. I saw a couple episodes of the first series of it and liked what I saw, but I didn't have the discipline to watch it every week and it fell off my radar. I made a point of watching the first two, two hour chunks of it's latest iteration and I found it moderately enjoyable.

The twist is that it's supposed to have a more realistic display of international terrorism by depicting Muslim fundamentalists as the perpetrators. However "realistic" isn't the first word that springs to mind while watching '24'. 'Tiring' and 'exhaustive' come a bit closer. Each episode is supposed to depict an hour of real time, which is hard enough to believe to begin with, but while taping I noticed that there's a scant 35 minutes of actual product delivered during it's hour of airing. The show is interrupted so frequently with ads (it runs about 50/50 towards the end) that the continuity of the show lies in ruin and your brain is on snooze (from watching the same six ads over and over) by the time you're done watching it.

As for how it displays the Muslims, I think it's kind'a unreasonable. Westerners have a hard time grasping the fact that they aren't Muslim fundamentalists per se, but they are animals who who feed off their twisted beliefs to justify there abhorrent actions. In the show, the terrorists actions seem disconnected from everything and they could have very well have been depicted as dissatisfied McDonald's customers.

I guess there's a limit to what TV can display though...

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Anonymous said...

24 is my favorite series right now, by far. Since they didn't start showing it on sat TV in Japan until recently, I buy the boxed DVD sets. It's way more enjoyable that way - also, you have to watch the series in order to get full satisfaction from the story line. Get the DVDs if at all possible!