Sunday, December 12, 2004

Rock Hall

The Rock Hall is the odd building front left.

I was debating whether to go the lewd or crude route for my next blog post when I noted a comment from Jill about whether or not I had any Rock Hall pics. Interesting she should ask. I'd been in front of the Rock Hall several times, but this past summer I went in for the first time when the troop I was with developed a desperate hankering' for some restroom facilities. You can actually see a good deal for free by just stopping by. I can't recall how much it costs to get in to see the actual exhibits, but I know it's exorbitant and the hall is generally attended by out-of-towners (or 'marks') who don't know any better (In my whole time living here, I've only met one Clevelander who'd been to the place, as opposed to several in Cincy that I know have been there).

As for photos, well the problem with the Rock Hall is that it's content has no real worth apart from the fact that you may not have seen it before. More music industry commercial than actual museum, you see signs like this all over the place:


Before finding this out, my buddy had his camera mooched by goons who gladly gave it back to him on the way out. While he distracted them, I took the following discrete shots:

A jukebox ATM.

Phish concert stage props. The hotdog appears to be a bobsled or something.

Sorry, that's all I got, but it's three more than I should have, so there!

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Jill said...

Cool. Thanks for the pics. Sorry it took me so long to actually look at them since I have been lost in the christmas shopping choas for a month now.