Wednesday, December 08, 2004

The Linker

After handing out what I'm sure is a record number of 'F's to the people who call themselves students over at Case, Mr. Kendall has takent the time to post a number of good articles. How about a taste!
But consider this—for Roosevelt to have refrained from opposing Japanese imperialism at the time would have made the United States an accomplice in its savagery. Moreover, the idea that the United States literally forced Japan into attacking under these circumstances only holds up as long as you presume the blinkered point of view of the Japanese militarists. From their peculiar perspective, there truly was no other option. Japan needed to have an Asian empire and if that meant a war with the United States, so be it. And the result, needless to say, was absolute ruin. But did Japan really need an overseas empire in order to prosper, as the militarists thought? The remarkable success of post-1945 Japan speaks for itself.
Of course if you're not up for intellectual content there's Something Awful on pets:
Besides, dogs don't chew just for the sake of chewing, they do it for the emotional payoff of seeing you approach in the distance, squinting your eyes and asking, "what are you chewing on?" shortly before realizing a majority of the new stereo system you just purchased is passing through the digestive system of an animal who just finished dining on an all-you-can-eat buffet of his own feces.
There you go, something for everyone!

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Jill said...

This has absolutely nothing to do with your post/entry but I was just curious.. have you been to the rock -n- roll hall of fame? If so, do you have pics for us? hmmm I'm hoping to go someday soon.