Monday, December 06, 2004

Bombs Away

Justin touches upon some common views that the Japanese hold towards Pearl Harbor (as well as an example of good, old fashion, U.S. bigotry). Although I also think these views give an incorrect assessment of the cause of Japan's entry into WW2, it is at least, partially excusable. A similar analogy in feelings can be made to the U.S. Civil War. In the South after the Civil War, people had to convince themselves that they had suffered horrible casualties in a losing war for some reason other than owning slaves. It must have been...oh..."States Rights", yeah that's it. It was simply unacceptable to have suffered so greatly for such a perverted cause.

In Japan, they likewise suffered greatly for a losing cause; and it's simply unacceptable for many people to accept that the losing cause was the rape and plunder of Greater Asia. So, it must have been...oh..."Those Nasty Americans"!

What about Germany? Why aren't they afflicted with this mindset? Well follow my drowsy logic here. What was Germany's "losing cause" in the war? Why, it was taking over the planet. That's certainly a worthy cause for any power mad kraut. The fact that they gave better than they got and almost succeeded is icing on the cake!

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