Thursday, November 04, 2004

Rough and Tumble

The fabulous Mr. Kendall takes Dr.Degenaro to task over some political characterizations. I'd only like to point out the following quote for now:
Now, make no mistake about it - American electoral politics has always been pretty rough-and-tumble. In that respect, at least, the election cycle just ended was hardly unique or even very remarkable.

I'd much rather have rancorous campaigns than put up with the near worthless parliamentary system practiced in much of the rest of the world. The parliamentary system isn't immune by nature to this kind of thing, but the fact that everyone can vote for their own kook and get representation relieves some stress in the competition.

UPDATE(11,5,2004): As a note, I mean no disrespect in stressing Dr. Degenaro's title, I mean to stress the fact that I'd gotten it wrong lo these many months. I've gone back and corrected the articles I'd gotten wrong, apologies.