Monday, November 08, 2004

The Questing Cat

One more dig at Kerry before he fades back into obscurity. From The Questing Cat, a soldier stationed in Iraq (emphasis and foul language in original):

Those trauma plates [in 'flak' vests] are a big piece of ceramic, stiff and heavy, but comparatively light weight. A piece of steel with similar protective value would simply be too much to carry. It is contoured to curve around your body on either side. Shrapnel hitting it will generally either imbed into the plate, or more likely deflect off. The plates are expensive, and can crack if mistreated. Each one has a serial number, and costs hundreds of dollars. They are worth every fucking penny.

A sergeant in my unit was hit months back, in the elbow. Shrapnel absolutely destroyed his joint, but made a clean entrance and exit through his elbow. I only found out recently that the piece that did it actually deflected from his chest, off his trauma plate.

Same deal with the kid here. He could have had a sucking chest wound, where I would have to try and help him while he slowly drowns on blood from the inside. All those horrible scenes in movies where a guy vomits blood in movies...yeah, that’s a sucking chest wound. I know how to treat it in theory. Of course in theory I know how a nuclear reactor works, doesn't mean I should build one. He could have been killed outright. Then what would I have done? Get a body bag?

The only parts hurt on this kid were parts not covered by his IBA. That shit works, I'd buy stock in it. I will gladly continue to wear my plates and stop complaining.

This shit has me so freaked out. I'm not scared for me; I'm scared of what could have happened. I am so glad this kid had his plates. Long before any of us got there, those things saved his ass. They save lives all over Iraq.

Thanks again Kerry, you shit, for voting against them.

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