Thursday, November 11, 2004

The Palestinians don't love their children

Doing the old 'next blog' thing I came across this blog. I didn't really take issue with the comments posted, but I did post this comment that elicited an interesting response (as a note, my comment will probably be deleted any minute since hard lefties don't accept criticism).

As well, though I feel bad for the plight of the Palestinians, if I lived in Israel and I had relative, especially a child, who was butchered by those animals, I would be all for killing every last one of them. And don't give me that 'violence begets violence' BS. Whatever moral qualms one might have about nuclear bombing, it certainly stopped the Japanese from trying to kill us. Maybe if Israel had wiped out a Palestinian town or two, this whole peace thing would be a done deal.

The Palestinians should thank their lucky stars they have the Jews as their enemy; any other ethnic group would not deal with them so kindly.

As for old Arafat, I'm dreaming that his tombstone will be a urinal.

(Update: I was confused about being labeled a 'Zionist' in the comments section in the mentioned blog. I couldn't get my head wrapped around it until I figured out that:
  1. How labeling someone a 'Zionist' is a de facto justification for the odious behavior of the Palestinians is beyond me.
  2. I don't think one need be some ardent supporter of Israel to come to the conclusion that behavior of the Palestinians is unacceptable. I've always been fairly agnostic on Israel: it's not my country and I don't live there, and I leave it to that the country's inhabitants to come to their own decisions that are in their best interests.)

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