Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Lazy Blogger

I meant to blog during Thanksgiving, but for some reason, I never got around to it. As well, work is cranking up a bit (as it always seems to do around the holidays, what's up with that?), and I'll be traveling later in December, so this coming month will probably be light on updates.

Anyway, I went down to Cincinnati to my parents house for Thanksgiving. While there, I went to see my brother run in the Turkey Run, or whatever they call it, Thanksgiving morning.

The runners get ready

Although my brother posted a good time, I didn't have the heart to tell him that they guy in the tiger suit beat him.

The suspension bridge. I thought the lack of cars meant that the bridge was closed because of the race, but no.

I'm going to take this opportunity to vent about the current sorry state of PC computer games (as opposed to Mac games, ha!). I spent the better part of the evening Wednesday getting a game to work on my dad's PC. The problems it exhibited were the same kinds of problems I'd had getting Return to Castle Wolfenstein (greatest multiplayer ever!) to work on my PC. Unsurprisingly the video card manufacturer was the same: ATI, who is well known for great hardware and crappy drivers.

This whole situation brought on my inevitable comments about how much better consoles are than PCs as gaming platforms. Sure consoles suck at RTS, FPS, and to a lesser extent MMORPG games, but computers worse at all the other genres that the console can do. The game (which I eventually got working by laying down different revs of the ATI drivers like lasagna) was entertaining enough, but not hardly as entertaining as even Devil May Cry, which I can play through (on easy, I suck) in the time it took to fix that PC game! The faults with computer gaming could be forgiven if PCs didn't have a shorter lifecycle and cost ten times as much as consoles (for a cheap gaming system).

On a seperate note, kudos to my chef (non-running) brother for whipping up some tasty Thanksgiving day viddles, he went all out!

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RT said...

What's that? You were in Cinci and didn't stop by to see me???