Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Incredibles

The Incredibles

Yeah, I caught The Incredibles over the weekend. Although my son wanting to see it provides the excuse, I'm quite the sucker for Pixar movies, and this one didn't disappoint. I don't feel like going over everything that's already been pointed out, but I do want to touch on a couple points:

  1. This movie was a little bit more violent than Pixar's previous offerings. In one section a character relates some darkly humorous stories about the demise of some previous heroes. As well, some of the later fights left little doubt about the fact that some of the henchmen won't be 'henching' ever again.
  2. This movie was also more adult than previous Pixar films. When the Holly Hunter character suspects her husband may be cheating on her; the artwork and Holly Hunter's voice acting are just about enough to tear your heart out. I'd never thought about it before, but Frederica Mathewes-Green pointed out that "Most kids' entertainment is about kids. Pixar movies are about adults."
  3. It's become almost a default fact that the artwork in Pixar movies is second to none and this movie certainly fits the mold. In a way though, it's almost too good. Several times I had to remind myself that I was watching an animated movie, but it was kinda counter productive. Although the chase scenes were amazing, they probably wouldn't have been made any differently if the movie was live action. Especially since The Matrix came out, the lines between some live action movies and out and out animation has blurred quite a bit.
  4. Although I don't think anyone agrees with me, Monster's Inc. is still my favorite Pixar film, that was a film that featured scenes and techniques that exploited the animated medium. I literally got chills in the theater during the 'door chase' scene towards the end. The Incredibles is difficult to compare to Pixar's earlier offerings, but I'd probably say that it ranks a strong second.
  5. Despite what the Internet will tell you, the character below did not appear in the film:


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DJ Shovelpants said...

I'm right with you.

Monsters Inc. was the best of the Pixar movies, but I have yet to see The Incredibles. Personally, I thought Finding Nemo was the 2nd weakest, with A Bugs Life rounding out the bottom.