Thursday, October 07, 2004

Use your delusion

Thomas Galvin goes over several of Kerry's lies, but I'm not delusional enough to think it matters a lick to liberals. Let's face it, if Bill Clinton had launched the war in Iraq, liberals wouldn't care. If John Kerry is elected and blows the budget deficit up twice as much as Bush they won't care either. All they care about is their out and out hatred of Bush and acquisition of liberal power. I'd say they should care about sacrificing the defense of their country for some political expediency; but since no social structure is morally superior to any other in their minds, national defense is just a side issue. Jonah Goldberg got an e-mail which gives up the game, not that we didn't already know the rules (or lack there-of).

As well, during the vice-pres debates, Gwen the moderator described how miserable Cleveland is (big surprise there) and then asked Cheney what the administration planned to do about it. Having turned the debate on a scant five minutes earlier; I turned off the debate at that point since I was expecting some long winded, though factually correct, thesis on conservative macroeconomic policies. While I slept, though, my mind filled in the blank:

Gwen: So Mr. Vice President, what will the federal government do about the dire straits in this poor city?

Cheney: Federal help?!? The schools and roads are falling apart in this dump, and they go and up the taxes so they can blow a billion dollars on corporate subsidies so that they can retain some mediocre professional sports teams!?! Add to that the fact that the city may be in the state with the most incompetent governor in the Union. Then you also have high crime and a crappy labor union working environment. I mean, what the hell? Look at the friggin' congressman they elect! Do you think I'm Jesus or something?

(Update: Glenn Reynolds has more info about how Kerry is completely full of it on foreign policy. Again, this is great, but the left simply doesn't care. In their minds Bush is way worse than Saddam, so joining arms with Saddam is hardly the worst thing as they see it).

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