Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Use your Delusion 2

Gabriel over at The Sanity Prompt had a rant article up that I responded to. He replied to me asking for more information on my points and I dug around for some articles I knew I'd read, but didn't quite remember (despite my well formed opinions, I'm not a profession pundit; hard to believe, I know...)

I found these articles that expound upon the facts. I could've rounded it out from different sources, but the effect is the same:
James Robbins on Iraq WMD
More James Robbins on Iraq WMD
Deroy Murdock on Iraq and Atta

This last article I'd actually never read, but it is quite damming to those who think Iraq posed no threat to us:
Andrew McCarthy makes a damming case (Best article, but quite long)

Again though, most hard lefties don't care; their hatred of America and their fellow humans in general runs so deep that they even found time to excuse Uncle Joe of the Soviet Union. Oh well, I tried...

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