Thursday, October 21, 2004

Morning music

I had the light rock station on today, and I figured I'd share a revelation with you that I had a few months ago:

Canadian country rocker Shania Twain's "Man! I Feel Like a Woman" is one of the best songs ever made (Note: I didn't say 'written'). Yeah, I'm about seven years behind the curve. I guess I was too busy listening to Alice in Chains and such to take much notice of it when it came out (Actually, I think I was afraid it would turn me into a homersexual. I already listen to dance music, so Broadway show tunes, long the bane of my existence, may be right around the corner!). BTW, it helps the song immeasurably if you crank it up extra loud ("OOoooOOH oH OH!")....

(As icing on the cake, the radio station followed it up with Bryan Adams' "Heaven". Why isn't that song on his greatest hits album?)

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Kepler's Universe said...

Man! I feel like a woman is catchy. Most of her songs are, but you'll quickly learn that most of her songs all sound the same... Same catchy hook and weak lyrics. Good thing she's pretty, or else she'd be washed up by someone younger.

I agree: Heaven should be the 3rd song on Bryan Adams Greatest Hits, since the others weren't all that great.