Saturday, October 02, 2004

Kerry's PLAN

I found myself fortunate to receive a Kerry flier in the mail that details Kerry's three main campaign issues. After sighting one of the three major issues, he has a description of the dream universe that will come about upon executing his PLAN that is on his website ( Let's dig in and see what's up!

Issue 1: Shipping jobs overseas
Problem as stated by Kerry: "...Bush actually champions tax incentives for corporations to move good jobs overseas." (What constitutes a good job is not mentioned)
What the problem actually is: The effective tax burden for corporations in the U.S. is 30%. This is much higher than not only the developing world, but most of Europe as well. Due to the fact the government doesn't want to kill every multinational business in the U.S., they do not tax profits incurred overseas AS LONG AS they are not brought back into the country. Which part of this situation is the bad part, Kerry does not mention. He also fails to mention that this has been the case through every administration, Democratic and Republican, since taxes on corporations were established.
Kerry's proposed solution: Destroy the economy by taxing offshore profits. He will then use the then non-existent tax proceeds to divvy out as corporate welfare to inefficient, poorly managed industrial plants.
What he would propose if he had a clue: Lower the friggin' corporate tax rate so that setting up businesses in the U.S. is more attractive. I guess he shied away from that solution since Bush already proposed it.

Issue 2: Soaring health costs
Problem as stated by Kerry: "Health care premiums for Ohio families have risen in the last four years." (Now was that one increase every year? What amount? He doesn't say)
What the problem actually is: Third party payments are distorting the marketplace while trial lawyers (particularly in Ohio) are looting the system.
Kerry's proposed solution: Government bloat, corporate welfare, and a dry, chewed up bone of a malpractice reform proposal.
What he would propose if he had a clue: Yet again Kerry's 'solution' only addresses the imaginary, not the real problems. I could care less if he BS'd the problem if he offered a real solution! Anyway, Bush has started down the right path by pushing better MSAs to get rid of third party (i.e. employer) payment distortions, and he has also proposed real malpractice reform at the federal level. (More Here and Here)

Issue 3: Record gas prices
Problem as stated by Kerry: "Working families simply can't afford four more years of energy policies that favor the big oil companies."
What the problem actually is: Supplies aren't increasing to match the rapid demand increases (particularly from China and India).
Kerry's proposed solution: Absolute crap. I swear I think this section was written by a sixth grader. After trotting out the BS about global warming, he then proposes a lot of pie in the sky stuff ("scientific dream teams" will save us all!) and more usage of renewable resources. We all know what The Sandmich thinks of that 'renewable energy' bull.
What he would propose if he had a clue: The severity of this issue (and all the other issues for that matter) is probably a bit overblown, but, if it's all that bad, we can increase supply. However Kerry expressly poo-poo'd that idea. For alternate fuels he could go the nuclear reactor/hydrogen byproduct route, but I guess that isn't as pretty as blowing a wad of cash and resources on biofuels. If he really had balls he could check out my half proposed idea where roads compete with trains. If we really want the price of oil to come down, either supply must increase, or demand must decrease; Kerry proposes no ideas for either. (I'm not familiar with Bush's ideas on this matter, but Kerry accuses Bush of being pro status quo, which is certainly a preferable stance to Kerry's ideas.)

Ooookay, and that's Kerry's three main issues he's pushing on this flyer in the swing state in Ohio.
What's that? You think one is missing? You think there's another very friggin' important issue that Kerry should have addressed?
Let's see here....One...Two...Three. Nope, that's it.
This flyer isn't online, and I don't feel like scanning it in, so you'll have to trust me. But, uh, that's it, no other MAJOR issues for John Kerry....

(As a side note, a MAJOR issue is discussed in Kerry's PLAN. Reading it though, makes you realize why it wasn't even brought up on the flyer).

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