Monday, October 11, 2004

Japan #6 - What's wrong with that place?

Although the title and my text might sound negative, I'd be lying if I said the oddities of Japan don't make it more endearing.

Someone, somewhere is not eating this deer. In the States, after you go to a cute animal place, the local stores know what you want: products (preferably food) made out of those animals. What gives?

As far as weird stuff goes, I still can't get my mind wrapped around this. My buddy called it "non-existent retro"; which doesn't even make sense, much like the presence of the sign itself.

Barnes and Noble is to Japanese book stores as a Pharmacy is to a crack house.

Although this drink tasted good, a green can with a snot bubble afflicted animal on it is not an exercise in marketing genius..

I'm sure their deliveries are fast, but this is a bad case of TMI. For even more perversion along these lines, check out Cosmic Buddha's pics of a fertility shrine (not safe for work, at least not any work I know of...). And no, I won't be putting a picture of that condom store on my site, gawd...

Little girls dressed in cute sailor outfits. WTF is up that? I tried thinking of something more perverted that the Japanese could dress their daughters as, and as can be expected, the Japanese provided me an answer the last day I was there...

...bare midriff French made outfits!

These are screen shots from a show called 'Pretty Cure'. The staring school girls are wearing their super-dee-dooper outfits in the shots above. You can rest easy knowing it's not nearly as preverted as some of the stuff that comes out of there. ( Update: Trashy appears to have the bead on some future Japanese school girl fashions. Most definately not safe for work. Check with your parole officer before viewing.)


RT said...

LMAO! I love your comment on the deer picture! Usually, when I leave a cute animal place, I look for stuffed animals (not made with any part of the cute animal, mind you.)

But hey! If you want a deer burger afterwards, you Go For It, Baby! :o) You live in OH, don't you? Should be plenty of those around here.

Anonymous said...

The deer around the famous Nara Deer Park are valued between $1000 to $5000 according to local legend. That's how much you have to pay if you hit one with your car.

- Justin

TrappedinJapan said...

Loved the pictures. My husband and I had some laughs. After six years stuff like that is normal to us. It's so nice when someone points out the absurdity of it all. Make us remember the good ole days when we were new to Japan. Natsukashiiiii....(Do you speak Japanese? If not ignore that last bit.) Thanks for clueing me in on the french maid outfits. They are the latest fashion around Tokyo. I had no idea where they came from. I suppose the animation helped boost their popularity. It was so weird the first few times I saw Japanese chicks running around in french maid outfits let me tell ya. Now it's normal too. Amazing the things you can get used to.