Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Sloughin' Educators

I found this article interesting. I guess the crappy schools in New York city are sloughing off their educational duties onto for-profit, choice driven tutoring services. These services run $1,800 per student per year, or roughly half the tuition cost for a private school in the Cleveland area. I have to wonder what the other $6,500 buys local taxpayers in New York besides a bunch of lazy bureaucrats?
How about a quote?

The chairwoman of the City Council's Committee on Education, Eva Moskowitz of Manhattan, said the new plan should help students by enabling them to "shop around" for tutors among the private groups.

"The DOE was providing academic services when it had failed to educate students adequately," she said. "There was something a little strange about that - the very school that had not been successful is going to provide service. As a parent at a school where the school is not adequately performing, I would want someone else to do the remediation."

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