Thursday, September 09, 2004

NPR Watch - Feasting on the Dead

On the news that the U.S. has lost more than 1000 troops in Iraq, NPR goes for the bottom of the barrel and digs deeper. You'd think that the NPR people that pass themselves off as reporters would honor the sacrifice of the American soldiers: men and women who gave their lives so that Scott Simon, et al. don't have to worry about Mohammed alNutjob shooting up their kid's at Georgetown's Prissymissy Prep Academy. You would of course, be quite wrong to think such a thing.

Unlike other times, I'll not be linking to the depravity over there today. One reporter made a point to scour a Marine town to find one person who would talk to him (because no one would talk to him for his hit piece for some reason), and then based the entire town feelings off of the ramblings of one kook (ace reporting!). As you might imagine, the kook said stuff along the line of how people hate the Iraq mission, etc. etc.

When this NPR dude talks up a teary eyed profile of the lost lives, and then condemns their mission, that tells me the lost life was brought up only to score a political point, not to honor the life of a fallen American hero. Of course this is no big surprise coming from the group that hails Michael Moore as a real American hero; a man who relished the fact that Iraqi 'minutemen' would be killing U.S. soldiers.

(I was also going to mention how the soldier profiled was a white, male hunter; a group normally disparaged by liberal NPR elites. But since they disparaged the soldier with this shameful piece, I figured that NPR was at least being consistent in one aspect.)

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