Thursday, September 16, 2004

More Tariq and Kerry than I care to know

I wonder about the left's choice of heros. I mean, I think I can honestly defend Oliver North and other not so clean individuals whom the left no doubt sees as right wing heros. But why does the left continually make excuses for terror apologists? From TCS:

Ramadan should not be admitted to the U.S. He has written extensively on the challenge of assimilating Islam in Europe, but has shown by his public statements there that he is not an Islamic moderate at all, but a man committed to quite radical postures. Even Hicham Chehab, news editor of the Beirut Daily Star, a newspaper obviously dedicated to Arab interests, was forced to admit early this month that "During the controversial visit to Britain last July by Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawi, himself accused of sanctioning suicide bombers, Ramadan defended Qardawi on the BBC television program 'Hard Talk.'"
It's fairly obvious this guy is part of the "terrorism is bad but..." crowd and a Wahhabi lover, but the left can't wait to let him in the country.

Again, why? Are they gluttons for their doom? I can't bring myself to think they have any great love for the Mumias and Tariqs of the world; could the left's hatred for authority and conservatives be so great that they're willing to make temporary peace with any piece of slime that comes down the road that might help there cause?

On another note, I've pulled a variety of political blog entries because I'm royally sick of the presidential contest. If you have an interest in reading that stuff, then you're probably already reading it. If you're voting for Ralph Nadar, you're probably not going to go read an article on free trade no matter how much a talk it up. And as far as Kerry goes, the picture below says it all. If you like your presidential candidate to lie about his own military career (seared it was!) to keep a communist thug dictator in power (another left wing hero), then there's not much else I can write here to keep you from flushing your vote down the john:

John Kerry with Nicaraguan, Communist strong man Daniel Ortega.

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