Sunday, September 12, 2004

Japan Land #2

I finally discovered how to cut video clips from Japan down with the freeware software that came with my firewire card. Unfortunately, I had to listen to myself taping since I did about 95% of the taping. Let me set this up first.

Firstly, for whatever reason, I got jet lag bad, and I never did get adjusted; four hours of sleep a night was a gift. I know when the time changes due to daylight savings time changes, I get jet lag even then. My only other experience with travel of this sort was when I went to England a couple years ago. Fortunately then, I had exactly zero jet lag problems going there and coming back. Discussing it with my boss though, he pointed out that travel to Asia is a completely different beast. He related much the same experience: he would go to Germany and have little to no problems, but he would go to Hong Kong and get thrown for a loop. Needless to say, when I'm tired, I'm a complete jerk.*

Secondly, I carried around this delusion that everyone around me was acting much like me. However, watching the tape was much like a drunk watching a tape of the company party the next day. When I thought I was being normal, I was a jerk, and when I knew I was being a jerk, someone in my group should'a decked me. I was lusting for a time machine where I could go back and get a sock out of my bag and shove it in my mouth. I was going to blank the audio, but my wife insisted it stay like it is: she and the group had to put up with my attitude, and now I can relive in perpetuity. **

My wife told me that I didn't ruin the vacation for anyone, but that I was rather unpleasant to be around. I hope she's correct. And public apologies to my friend and his wife, yet again. What depresses me all the more is that this was the second time in a year he had to put up with me in this situation. His, and his wife's, patience with me on this trip is a gift I'll probably never be able to repay.

Tokushima City at night

*Of course to hear my wife tell it, I'm a jerk all the time. This is only partially true since I pack the smart ass wit (i.e. jerk) that most of my family has. I tend to think I got it the worst, though, since I can never turn it off.

**Given the situation, I have to wonder if I'm even physically and mentally capable of traveling. I'm a big homebody, but I'm desperately trying to come up with some combination of criteria wherein I might be able to pull it off.

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