Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Dr. Degenaro responds

In response to my jet lagged critique of his blog, Dr. Degenaro took the time to post a thoughtful response (which was longer than my original post) in my comments section. The least I can do is to do my best to answer his concerns.

On the Greenpeace album, I'll admit that it was a bit of a cheap shot. The artistry exhibited on the albums was pretty good. However Greenpeace is like a bad cult that talks up a good speech, does a handful of good things, and seeks to completely bone it's supporters and the rest of society every opportunity it gets. Particularly in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union, many communists have found a new home in the environmental movement; it being the only method to sell complete state control of business and industry.

I'll admit to kind'a being sick and tired of debating Bush's domestic record. There are a variety of reasons for Bush's situation, not the least of which is a congress over which he holds very little sway. And anyway, short of proving Bush is the next Messiah, there's very little I can do to convince a fervent Bush hater otherwise. I have to wonder, though, whether or not Bush bashers actually hate his policies, or just hate Bush (well, I don't think very long, as I know the answer). Bush is criticized for spending like crazy, but the congressional Dems hardly put up a fight to keep that from happening, and their candidate hasn't indicated that he would solve the problem (in fact, he's indicated quite the opposite). They criticize Bush for nation building, but were oddly supportive of Clinton. They criticize the war in Iraq, but they did not have ONE FRIGGIN' IDEA of what they would do instead (that is besides nothing, or even worse surrender to Saddam and end the embargo). More here and here.

I'm not well read up on this Tariq Ramadan fellow, and if I had to guess, I'd say I hadn't heard of him before reading Dr. Degenero's article. However, after listening to Democratic Senator Patty Murray defend Osama, innumerable lefties defend Yasser, and left leaning CAIR repeatedly give us the 'Terrorism is bad but...' line, I'm skeptical to say the least. I looked around and at best I could only determine that he's a moderate Muslim (kind'a like a moderate fascist, no?) and he's given to ideas of Jewish conspiracies about the Iraq war. He may be a decent dude, but he could choose better company. I also agree with the State Department's hesitation to issue a visa. More Here.

As for Michael Moore, Matt Labash has done a way better job than I could hope to do. How about a quote?

As early as 1990, when Moore was still fresh from the salt-of-the-earth mines, the director of the Sundance Film Festival complained that he was "overly demanding" and "made a scene" when he discovered his accommodations weren't as deluxe as Clint Eastwood's.

More on Moore here, here, here and here. I'm still wondering as to how someone's supposed net worth at any point in their life, makes their arguments more salient (in other words, it doesn't).

As for rich, white, liberal elitism (usually characterized by the phrase 'limousine liberal'), I'll get into it later...maybe, but as an FYI, a whole book was written on it.

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