Thursday, September 09, 2004

Bush's Guard service

I caught a couple articles on liberal blogs about Bush's National Guard service. They seem to be complaining with a typical shotgun blast of accusations in the hope that something will stick. They complain that he was in the National Guard to begin with, but as Thomas Owens points out, there were safer roads Bush could've chosen if he truly wanted to get out of work:
The implication that President Bush lacked courage because he joined the Texas Air National Guard during the Vietnam War misses an important point. Although he did not see combat, piloting a high-performance aircraft is an inherently dangerous undertaking, from start to finish. Flying a jet fighter when someone is not shooting at you is only marginally less dangerous than when someone is shooting at you. It is not for the faint of heart.
They also seem to be complaining about his performance in the Guard (a topic which Byron York lays to rest), despite the fact that they formally supported a known draft dodger. More importantly though, I wonder what all this brew-ha-ha has to do with anything? Bush never bragged about his Guard service, and to have it come up less than clean wouldn't prove or disprove anything he's said or done over the last five years. Thus, the issue can only exist as an effort to tear down Bush's service record in an effort to validate Kerry's constantly revised war history.

In a way, I feel bad for the liberals. I remember that during the '92 election, Republicans always thought that if they had one more microscopic piece of dirt on Clinton, the American people would have him figured out and they would get to keep the White House. As the liberals do now, the Republicans then had the task of selling a dog of a flawed candidate whom the party's own base could barely stand.

Sorry boys, but take it from me, no one but the already converted care about Bush's Guard service, Haliburton, Florida, and the U.N./France. You'll have to do much better than that to win more than five states in November.

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