Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Nice bias NYT

Check out this picture of three unarmed men running out of the Najaf shrine:

The New York Times made a point of posting it with the following caption:
Some Iraqi men leaving the Imam Ali shrine in Najaf ducked yesterday to avoid fire from American snipers.

I don't know about you, but American snipers shooting at unarmed men sounds like a much worse offense than a couple nudie photos from a prison. I'll make a couple points on this:
  1. U.S. snipers do not shoot unarmed people.
  2. If they did, ducking wouldn't save your ass.
  3. Although it's difficult to see, all three of these guys have big grins plastered across their faces, and the guy in the back is making a point to look right in the camera. This is hardly the behavior of someone concerned about their imminent demise.

The insinuation bothers me greatly. Of course the person who wrote the caption (who probably hasn't even ever been out of the U.S., let alone been to Iraq), meant to say that U.S. snipers might accidentally hit them if the snipers are gunning from someone behind them. This too, of course, is crap; just like the NYT.

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