Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Cleland's Letter

I didn't think too much of Kerry having Max Cleland deliver some letter to President Bush. The disproportionate amount of coverage though, made me wonder if it was an effective move. Will people be able to see through this ploy to Kerry's true motive of covering up his disgraceful past? As usual, a couple thoughts came to mind:
  1. Most people who aren't political junkies don't know and don't care who Max Cleland is.
  2. I know the left lacks any sense of shame, but if Bush pulled a similar stunt I would be embarrassed. Not like 'hypocritical' embarrassed like the left should be, but embarrassed that it was the only idea my team had - to grovel to the opponent.

What do they hope to accomplish with this? I'm reminded of the occasion before the first Gulf War when Bush received some Iraqi dignitary (who is probably now dead), and the dignitary carried with him a letter from Saddam himself to give to the president. Though the letter carried Saddam's terms for peace, Bush (H.W.) made the expressed point that Saddam already had the terms and no letter would be accepted. The dignitary (no doubt fearful of Saddam's retribution) went ahead and tried to give the letter to Bush anyway, at which time it was promptly refused.

This incident was embarrassing to all parties, but particularly embarrassing for the Iraqi regime. "Please, please, please take my letter Mr. Bush!"

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