Monday, January 12, 2004

NPR watch - USS Liberty

I guess some documentation (link halfway down) was recently unearthed from President Johnson's archive, which, if the facts are contorted enough, may lead some nutcase to believe the Israelis deliberately attacked the USS Liberty during the seven days war. (Well, that's the way I read it when NPR says "It was probably an accident, but...")

I recall actually being taught that the Israelis did it on purpose while I was in high school. What was interesting though, was that my history teacher didn't seem to care too much and viewed it as a tough decision by the Israelis done for their own protection. Based on the crummy, biased facts of the day, I came to much the same conclusion at the time; that:

  • We were spying for the Egyptians and deserved to have our ship shot at, or even more likely...
  • It was an accident

Since that time though, there's some good info out there that should keep such a crappy story from even being aired. Charles Johnson has done a good job of keeping up with it:
(Note: I believe the above link references the same 'new' documents that are talked about in the NPR story; but Johnson's story is from 7/9/03!?!)

One last note, the story references an 'historian David Hatch'. Upon running his name through Google, I came upon an Indymedia 'story' in which an author who wrote a conspiratorial themed book, which includes the Liberty incident (Note: Indymedia is a far left America/Israel hating 'news gathering organization'). This author sites Hatch for gratitude, though it may just be because he used some of his material (at least that's what I hope since he apparently works for the NSA):
And as an FYI, the author of the book cited above is James Bamford and he is also given the last word in the NPR piece. The exerpted chapter at Indymedia is a rather nasty affair and I wouldn't think any respectable news organ would have anything to do with Mr. Bamford...go NPR!

UPDATE (1/13/03): Mr. Kendall notes the following article which leaves no doubt about NPR's nasty, lefty bias:

UPDATE 2 (1/13/03): It appears that State let nutcase James Bamford give his 'X-files-esque' presentation at a conference they sponsered!:

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